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Affirmative Action Plan

Creating an Affirmative Action Plan That Works for You

BTC has written and defended client affirmative action plans in every OFCCP region of the US since 1993. We are there for you during compliance checks, desk audits, and on-site reviews all throughout your plan year.

Outsourcing your AAP is simple and cost-effective. All plans include a detailed letter explaining each area within your plan, specifics to help understand each report, potential red flags, and suggestions to ensure policies, procedures, and documentation is in place. 

Training & Education

All your company's management must be educated on affirmative action, what it means to your organization, what goals are set each year, and the action-oriented programs in place to help reach those goals. BTC provides completely customized training to address your AAP findings and your unique organization.

We know what the OFCCP is looking for, and we address those red flags. Minimize liability and contact us today.

Improve Your Performance

Globalization and generational differences require organizations to understand diverse cultures, beliefs, history, and backgrounds. Our consultants offer a variety of products to assist agencies in managing these differences to maximize performance.

Happy Business People

Diversity Training

Employees at all levels need to recognize and appreciate how the workplace is changing, evolving, and diversifying. We provide customized training programs for organizations that include discussions around your specific policies and practices. Training alone is not enough! Ensure compliance with documentation and communication vehicles. Ask about the following when you contact our consultants:

• Harassment - Sexual & Otherwise • Mutual Respect • Managing Generational Differences • Bullying

Infrastructure Issues & Diversity

Our team also provides your business with customized policy language, disciplinary action options, and handbook updates to address the specific diversity needs of your organization.

Investigation of Harassment or Discrimination

Consideration should always be given to having the investigation conducted by an outside independent party. This ensures the examination will be done skillfully and competently, thereby possibly averting a "negligent investigation" suit.

Our investigators will interview the complainant, the alleged harasser, and third parties who could reasonably be expected to have relevant information. All investigations are tailored to the particular facts, and we work with each of your legal representatives to ensure client-attorney privilege is protected.