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Employee Handbooks

STAY Secure with Our Employee Handbook Creation Services

Employee handbooks are typically distributed to all workers to provide a clear understanding of both company and employee expectations. It is a well-written and intentionally watered-down version of the company's policies. Though they serve as a guideline for your entire team, you must be aware of the gamble you take with POTENTIAL ticking time bombs within them.

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Why Handbooks Are Critical to Have

If you have been transferring someone else's language into your employee handbook, you could also be transferring their risks. During litigation, a well-written guideline can serve as your best defense, where a poorly written manual can land you a significant and costly judgment. That is why it is essential to have your policies and procedures drafted by competent professionals on a regular basis.

When You Turn to BTC, We Will:

• Consider the Legal Implications of Each Practice or Policy You Implement
• Evaluate How This Impacts the Workplace Regarding Productivity & Employee Morale
• Address a Comprehensive Listing of Topics Designed to Keep Employees Informed of Their Rights & Obligations

• Ensure That Sufficient Language Is Dedicated to At-Will & Employment Contract Issues, Discipline, & Terminations
• Define Surveillance, Search, & Intrusion Initiatives
• Address Drug Testing Protocol & Medical Information Requirements