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HR Audits & Compensation Studies

Why Would Your Organization Want to Conduct an HR Audit?

BTC's audits are customized to meet the needs of your specific organization. We thoroughly investigate for legal compliance, inefficiencies, root causes, costs of performance, potential liabilities, and so much more.

About Our Audits

With a philosophy of moving quickly and quietly, we look at what we can see and dig for everything else. We check and recheck documents for consistency, compare information to test reliability, and ask a lot of questions - but do it with a smile.

Each audit begins with the gathering of information. We conduct on- and off-site interviews, questionnaires, observation, benchmarking, and analysis. Afterwards, we close our project with a summary report that identifies deficiencies and establishes benchmarks for improvement.

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Market Compensation Studies

Considering the market is particularly important when establishing labor rates, studies can be instrumental in determining market lines, entry-level rates, compensation ratios, and competitive wages for your positions. BTC can research, secure, and analyze market data within your industry, inside and outside of your recruiting area. This information can be used to provide you with a comparative analysis of your organization versus your competition and help you establish wages and salaries that will secure business growth.

Base Compensation Structure

Compensation structures must consider the following:

• Internal & External Equity
• Equal Pay
• Career Paths
• Classification Levels
• Entry-Level
• Minimum, Mid-Point, & Maximum Rates of Pay for Each Classification

Does your organization have a written wage and salary procedure? Do you have the capability of costing and budgeting your pay program annually? Do you have an excellent defensible measuring tool in place?

BTC has been providing organizations like yours with compensation designs for years. We know what it takes and can help you get it!

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Variable Pay System

Variable pay systems are intended to reward workers for performance beyond normal expectations. Is your organization interested in linking growth in compensation to results? Perhaps a form of variable pay such as team bonuses, incentive plans, or Skill-based Pay is your answer.


Our plans are simple to understand and administer. Final structures come complete with easy-to-follow instructions for your convenience.

Behavioral Aspects of Compensation

Often, workers perceive that they are NOT receiving a fair value for their overall performance. Independent employee opinion surveys can identify performance problems or deficiencies with root causes that are tied to equity, procedural, or distributive justice issues.

Legal Constraints

How does your compensation program measure up to legal constraints? Don't wait for the DOL to come knocking. Call BTC today to discuss the following:

• Fair Labor Standards Act
• Minimum Wage
• Exempt & Nonexempt Testing
• Overtime Provisions
• Compensatory Time Off
• At-Home Work
• Independent Contractor Testing
• Equal Pay Act
• State Laws
• Garnishment Laws
• Prevailing Wages