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Personalized Human Resource Products & Services

BTC offers a wide range of HR assistance to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. From policy to creation to recruitment, we have all your needs and requirements taken care of. Take a look below and discover how we can help.

• Affirmative Action Plans - Get This Highly Regulated & Time-Consuming Project off Your Desk

• Compensation - Employees Won't Stay in the Dark When It Comes to Compensation & Neither Should You

• Diversity - Enjoy the Benefits That Embracing Diversity Can Bring to Your Organization

• Employee Handbooks - Resource Tool or Gamble — You Choose

• HR Audits - Do You Trust Yourself to Conduct an Impartial & Thorough Audit of Your HR Department?

• HR Startups - Don't Start Your Business with Mistakes — They Can Cost You a Lot in the Long Run

• Job Descriptions - Improve Understanding, Productivity, & Reduce Risk by Using Well-Defined Job Descriptions
• Policies & Procedures - Wouldn't It Be Nice to Know What You Have to Do When You Have to Do It? We Know & We Can Show You

• Recruitment Selection - BTC Understands That Recruiting for Top Notch Talent Is a Challenge That Requires Insight, Sensitivity, Creativity, & Innovation — Not Pressure Tactics

• Surveys - We Believe That Promoting Employee Engagement & Building High-Performance Work Teams Starts with Communication — What Message Are You Sending to Your Workers & How Do They Feel About It?

• Training & Development - Recruiting for Top Performers Is Only Half the Goal — Keeping Them on the Cutting Edge Is the Other