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Job Descriptions

Job Description - A MUST HAVE

If your company is looking for accurate, dependable, and organizationally specific job descriptions, BTC is your firm. Having descriptions that adequately explain your open positions can help your company in many ways. Have you considered the following?

• Adverse Impact
• Constructive Discharge
• Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection • Negligent Hiring & Retention

Job Descriptions Provide Direction for the following Activities:

• Accurate Compensation
• Career Development
• Continuous Improvement
• Effective Recruiting & Hiring
• Motivation for Higher Productivity
• Performance Management & Appraisals
• Training
• Legal Protection

We Also Provide Assistance with the Following:

• Title VII
• Age Discrimination in Employment Act
• Michigan Civil Rights Act
• Equal Pay Act
• Executive Orders 11246, 11375, & 11478
• Americans with Disabilities Act
• Michigan Handicappers' Civil Rights Act
• Fair Labor Standards (to Include Exemption Testing)
• Pregnancy Discrimination Act

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